The controversy behind Kendall Jenner's comments about models who don't have the luxury of being selective about what shows they walk in isn't quite over. Plus-size model Ashley Graham was asked what she thought about Jenner's remarks about being able to cherry-pick the shows she walks in...and Graham's response was candid.
Tokyo is largely considered the urban embodiment of unbridled—if not out-of-this-world—street style. No detail left uncurated, more often than not a shocking dye job is a key part of the sartorial strategy. And this season during Tokyo Fashion Week, the Japanese capital’s boldest peacocks offered much to marvel at above the neck.
Hulking, clunky, faintly orthopedic in some cases, the “dad sneaker” has become an improbable star in fashion, part of a growing taste for 1990s-inspired and sometimes just plain ugly athletic shoes that’s been flourishing for over a year.

The recognized leaders of this trend have been luxury brands like Balenciaga, with its successful Triple S sneaker, and shoe giants such as Nike and Adidas. But mom-approved, comfort-focused Skechers wants to make sure it gets its credit too.

Back when I was a cub newspaper reporter, my editor informed me that my next assignment was to interview the group Destiny’s Child. Unaware that one member of the trio would go on to become the greatest living icon, I fretted about how little time I was going to be allotted with my subjects and how I could possibly spin 11 minutes of chit-chat into a full-length column. My solution was to sport a tweed cape that I’d recently purchased at a vintage store in Toronto’s Kensington

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Among the investors who snapped up shares in luxury e-commerce marketplace Farfetch after its September IPO was one buyer with little interest in operating profits or projected revenue. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals pounced on shares in the newly public company so it could make its case directly to ban fur sales on the platform.

They needn’t have bothered. Farfetch quietly committed to going fur free in May, inserting a promise in the terms and conditions section of its website to
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