Spice up a warm winter night with our sheet pan garam masala chicken recipe. Watch the video on YouTube.

Dinner on Whole30 really can be quite similar to dinner when you're not following the program. How, you ask? We've got a few ideas.

Why not put protein at the center of the table? Round it out with some veggies and you've got a meal that's geared to feed all the mouths at the table. Sheet pan suppers and skillet meals are always easy to pull together. And, if all else fails, almost everyone can agree on a bowl of chicken soup.
Make weeknight baking appealing with smart ingredient shortcuts and clever equipment choices. Here are 10 things I always have on hand.
If you're sick of people telling you to stop eating leftover cold pizza for breakfast (you're not in college anymore!) then I have very good news for you.
Learn how to make rich, Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with billowy cream cheese frosting with our step-by-step tutorial.
Make no mistake — this British classic is a sweet slice, one that will make you fall back in love with toffee flavors and ripe bananas.
These are 10 of our family's favorite after-school snack recipes for kids and grown-ups alike.
Tossing some chicken on the grill is an easy dinner solution just about any night of the week throughout the summer months. But once you've got that covered, how do you round things out in order to call it dinner? A simple side or two should do the job and satisfy the crowd. We gathered some of our most favorite recipes to serve alongside grilled chicken, all of which are no sweat to prepare. From flavor-packed salads to crisp and caramelized grilled vegetables, here are our 17 of our best.

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If I could pick just one dessert to eat every day for the rest of my life, it would be this. Bold statement, I know, but it's worthy of it. This is the dessert I turn to 365 days a year, whether I'm inviting a couple of friends over for dinner or it's simply Monday and I feel like something sweet.

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A quick and easy recipe for pasta tossed in a lemon butter sauce and filled with sautéed zucchini and cherry tomatoes.
If you invest meal prep time towards a breakfast casserole over the weekend, you can have easy, delicious breakfasts to grab quickly throughout the week.
You guys. YOU GUYS. This loaded hummus looks like the dreamiest, most perfect thing to make for summer parties.

While we all have our favorite store-bought hummus brands (mine is Hope), nothing beats the homemade stuff — especially if you blend it up it in your kitchen, compliments of a food processor. This recipe from Taste Love and Nourish is not only the best hummus base, but also the perfect combination of salty, herby, and briny toppings that will have everyone asking for more pita to dip.
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My dad was a large, brawny wrestling coach, known to his students and friends alike as “Big I” (the moniker is even on his gravestone). He started cooking rather late in life (I was already in grade school), but once he started, having people over to marvel at his culinary creations—like deep-dish pizza made in a cast-iron skillet, with real Caesar salad, down to the raw egg in the dressing, on the side—became his favorite form of social activity. Going out to eat in a restaurant was not something
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Over the weekend I found myself at a Japanese grocery store food court, standing in line at a noodle stall that makes fresh udon before your eyes. Even though it’s the dead of winter here in Chicago, I opted for a bowl of cold udon noodles, nestled in a cool soy base with a runny poached egg atop. Right as I paid, I saw a tub of tempura crunchies sitting by the cashier. I scooped a spoon, then two, then three, essentially burying my noodles with those lacy fried bits. What a delicious decision that
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Breakfast: There’s a reason many tout this meal as the most important of the day. From stabilizing blood sugar levels to providing a much-needed boost of energy first thing in the morning, eating breakfast has many benefits for your overall health that shouldn’t be ignored.
Ask a MD or registered dietitian for tips on everything from boosting your metabolism and healthy weight loss to keeping your digestive system running smoothly and lowering inflammation, and chances are they’ll immediately say the F word: fiber. Basically, fiber is everything. You probably already know that leafy greens and plant-based proteins like lentils are good sources of the nutrient, but there’s another, totally underrated way to get your fiber fill: plantains.

A silky-smooth chocolate cream pie made with an Oreo crust and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.


I tried the spicy cranberry salsa with cream cheese that's making the rounds on Reddit.(And I'm hooked.)

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